• "Dream island Noa"
  • There was an island called " Noa " in the south sea.
  • In the island, everybody lives peacefully.
  • A rhinoceros, a water buffalo, the deer plow the field in a horn of the pride.
  • The woodpecker opens a wonderful hole for his shaking neck.
    The birds put it the wheat, corn, strawberry, and melon seed that carry it from the far island.
  • The pelican puts a lot of water in a big bill and does not miss watering.
  • They work really hard.
    Cause of all the power, Sunflower and the corn getting bigger.
    They have a role one by one.
    The giraffe harvest grown sunflower and the corn.
  • The elephant grind wheat on a big stone.
    Monkeys round dough well.
  • They eat bread happily, it make a circle in the field.
    They are good friend very much.
  • It had a reason.
    They loved old tale of the island.
    Guess what kind of story?
    Once upon a time, there was...such a thing.
  • A lion and a tiger fought, which was stronger.
    It greatly shook around the cape.
    Then, there was a crack in the ground, when lion and tiger were almost fell in.
  • At that time, all of guys always fought when they meet.
    That was fall out over a trivial matter.
    So... Nobody notices the island will be drown.
  • However, strangely, they heard a voice from somewhere.
    "Join hands with ! Make a circle ! An island is going to drown."
  • "Oh...! An island is going to drown?"
    The owl which took a nap, The fox which went into mischief, The squirrel which ate nuts, were surprised very much.
    They noticed finally that the island inclined.
  • "The island...will be drown. Nothing to do..."
    An old dog said to calmly.
    "Won't be drown !"
    The gorilla was angry with beat the chest.
  • The cat cried out eyes red.
  • Even if in the night, they couldn't sleep, they came together the place.
  • But, nobody talk.
    In darkness, they heard only a sound of the rumbling from the cape.
    One night, the tiger said by a husky voice.
    "That voice must be God !!"
  • Immediately, their faces getting happily.
  • "It must be God !!" They thought !
    Then , they hand in hand each other.
    At that time, the shaking ground was stopped suddenly.
  • They were pleased to embraced each other.
    They felt happy.
  • Then nobody quarrel at all.
    It's quiet night today, as well.
    They ate bread much, and sleep peacefully.
  • Island of dream " Noa " also float in the south sea today...